Batch 005 is formed around an 8 year old wheat component aged exclusively in new American oak, one of the most marvelous whiskies we have ever worked with. Its vibrance and texture were astounding, resonating with a particular sweet butter note reminiscent of cookie dough. It had the sugary, oily mouthfeel of shortbread fresh out of the oven, caked with distinct minty, tobacco spice. We paired it with a 21 year old corn component aged in ex-bourbon and then transferred into new American oak for 8 plus years. The corn did not just compliment the wheat. It empowered it. The old corn provided a deep viscous foundation which enlivened the mouthfeel further, like putting cinnamon and sugar on buttered toast. At 73% 21 year old corn and 27% 8 year old wheat, Batch 005 is our version of a full-bodied, elegant Canadian wheater.